Crowdfunding Starts to Support Leukemia Patients' Future Fertility

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Tokyo, April 4 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese organization promoting bone marrow donations launched on Thursday a crowdfunding campaign designed to support future fertility of leukemia patients and help them have children.

The group hopes to collect 10 million yen in about two months.

Through the initiative, it aims to financially assist leukemia patients storing their sperm and eggs before their reproductive functions are damaged and possibly lost due to radiation therapy related to bone marrow transplants, in order to allow them to have children in the future using the preserved reproductive cells.

As sperm and egg storage is not covered by health insurance programs, patients themselves are required to bear all costs related to the treatment.

According to the organization, collection and storage of sperm and eggs costs about 20,000-70,000 yen and 150,000-450,000 yen, respectively. Annual preservation fees stand at about 10,000-60,000 yen.

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