INTERVIEW: Asahi Breweries Targets Young Drinkers


Tokyo, April 10 (Jiji Press)--Asahi Breweries Ltd. President Kenichi Shiozawa has outlined his company's plans to shore up sluggish sales of its flagship Super Dry beer by strengthening efforts to boost consumption by young people.

"Opening up new customers is our challenge," Shiozawa said in a recent interview.

Eyeing a beer tax cut next autumn, the company will aim to win back customers who now favor other alcoholic beverages including canned "chuhai" spirits-based drinks by launching a Super Dry spinoff product that tastes lighter.

Sales of Super Dry approached 200 million cases at their peak in 2000 but halved to 90.85 million cases in 2018, due partly to the emergence of chuhai drinks. One case contains 20 633-mililliter bottles.

"Young people drink (alcoholic beverages) other than beer" such as chuhai and wine, Shiozawa noted.

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