JAXA Releases Video of Impactor Being Dropped from Hayabusa2

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Tokyo, April 12 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, or JAXA, has released a video of an explosive device called an impactor being dropped from the Hayabusa2 to shoot a copper plate into the asteroid Ryugu.

The plate hit Ryugu on April 5 in the world's first experiment to create an artificial crater on an asteroid, which was part of the Hayabusa2 mission to closely observe Ryugu and collect samples from there.

"We can say that (the plate) hit the target almost accurately," said an official of the operation team of the mission Thursday.

The Hayabusa2 unmanned probe separated the impactor at an altitude of some 500 meters above Ryugu on the morning of April 5.

Based on information including images captured by Hayabusa2 cameras, the impactor is believed to have descended at a planned speed in a preset attitude and have been ignited at an altitude of some 300 meters.

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