Japan Team Wants Regulations on Gene Editing of Human Eggs

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Tokyo, April 15 (Jiji Press)--A team of a Japanese government panel Monday broadly agreed on the need to consider regulations to ban the genome editing of fertilized human eggs for childbirth.

After a meeting of the specialist panel on bioethics on April 22, the government will start discussing details mainly at the health ministry and produce a report around autumn.

Under guidelines implemented this month, the government tolerates the gene editing of fertilized eggs only for basic research on fertility treatment.

Returning gene-edited eggs to wombs is prohibited on concerns about possible health problems with the children. Discussions did not advance, however, on whether to set legal rules.

After global criticism of a Chinese researcher who engineered the birth of gene-edited twins, the World Health Organization launched discussions on international rules. The government has leaned toward creating regulations against the backdrop.

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