Record 6 Women Secure City Mayoralty in Japan Unified Local Polls


Tokyo, April 21 (Jiji Press)--A record six women have secured city mayoralty in quadrennial unified local elections in Japan.

On Sunday, the second and final round of 2019 unified polls took place, They were mayoral elections in 59 cities, including Mito, Nagasaki and Oita, all prefectural capitals, elections to pick mayors of 11 of the 23 special wards in Tokyo, mayoral elections in 66 towns and villages, and municipal assembly elections in 283 cities, 20 Tokyo wards, and 282 towns and villages.

Of the six women, two incumbents--Yukari Kaneko, 60, mayor of the city of Suwa in the central prefecture of Nagano, and Noriko Suematsu, 48, mayor of the city of Suzuka in Mie Prefecture, also central Japan--secured their second and third term, respectively, without vote on April 14, when the elections were announced, as no other candidates ran in the races.

The other four women won mayoralty in elections on Sunday.

Of them, Akemi Fujita, 48, won her first term in the poll in the city of Kamo in the central prefecture of Niigata. Ritsuko Fujii, 65, also secured her first term, as mayor of the city of Shunan in Yamaguchi Prefecture, western Japan. Noriko Kawai, 63, mayor of the city of Kizugawa in the western prefecture of Kyoto, won her fourth term.

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