Coins Engraved with Final Year of Heisei Prove Popular


Saitama, April 22 (Jiji Press)--A commemorative set of coins inscribed with "Heisei 31," indicating the 31st year of Japan's Heisei era, is finding great popularity in the country before the era ends at the end of this month.

Heisei is set to end when Emperor Akihito abdicates on April 30. The new era, Reiwa, will start on May 1, in line with Crown Prince Naruhito's enthronement on the day.

According to the Japan Mint, some 350,000 sets of the final year coins were sold by the end of February, up nearly three-fold from the level for usual year coin sets.

Purchasers include coin collectors and people seeking commemorative items for the era change.

"I expected many people would buy the sets, but I never thought it would be this many," said a Japan Mint official. The independent administrative agency decided to increase the production of the coin sets.

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