FOCUS: Vietnamese Nun Concerned about Foreign Workers' Safety in Japan


Tokyo, April 26 (Jiji Press)--Vietnamese nun Thich Tam Tri is alarmed by a recent spate of deaths among technical interns from developing countries, including her own, who work in Japan to acquire professional skills.

"All I can say every time the sad news reaches me is, 'Again? Why?'" said Tri, a 41-year-old female religious order member at Nisshinkutsu, a Buddhist temple in central Tokyo.

Rows of about 60 spirit tablets stand at Nisshinkutsu for technical interns who died from disease or killed themselves. "It's clearly an extraordinary situation," Tri said.

Reasons of their deaths range from demanding work and depression caused by language problems to financial difficulties and lack of knowledge about Japanese culture and climate.

"They came to Japan with dreams but had to return home in urns. How deeply are their families saddened?" she said.

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