Japan Aims for Smooth Imperial Succession Ceremonies

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Tokyo, April 27 (Jiji Press)--The Japanese government is making every effort to ensure that three ceremonies on Tuesday and Wednesday to transfer the Chrysanthemum Throne from retiring Emperor Akihito to Crown Prince Naruhito take place without a hitch.

Emperor Akihito will be the first Japanese Emperor to abdicate in about 200 years, since Emperor Kokaku stepped down in 1817, late in the Edo period.

The ceremonies will be held as "acts in matters of state" under the constitution.

The government will hold a cabinet meeting each day, immediately before the ceremonies, to formalize remarks to be made by the retiring Emperor and the new Emperor at the ceremonies and confirm the arrangements for the succession for the final time.

The first of the three will be the abdication ceremony, "Taiirei-Seiden-no-Gi," for Emperor Akihito, the first such event under constitutional government.

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