Expensive Services in Kyoto Targeting Rich Foreign Travelers

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Kyoto, May 8 (Jiji Press)--Expensive guided tours and accommodation that give wealthy travelers to Japan rare opportunities to experience traditional culture in the ancient city of Kyoto are picking up steam.

Such services include the company of "maiko" and "geiko" traditional female entertainers, a hard-to-get experience especially for foreigners, as well as temple lodgings that cost a whopping one million yen a night.

They are aimed at meeting growing demand for experiencing the tradition of Kyoto as the purpose of foreigners' visits to Japan is shifting from buying goods to experiencing unique events.

Exclusive Kyoto Inc. started an "ozashiki" experience service in 2016 in entertainment districts such as Gion, where a tradition to refuse first-time customers still remains, enabling foreigners to enjoy conversations with maiko and geiko in a tatami room, with an interpreter, and be entertained with their traditional dances.

The service is more expensive than the price charged to regular customers mainly due to guide fees. But a male customer from the United States expressed satisfaction, saying the experience was worth the money.

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