Proclaiming Themselves as Gay Couple, Osaka Lawyers Siding with LGBTs


Osaka, May 14 (Jiji Press)--The Nanmori Law Office's webpage notes: "Yoshida and Minami are gay and a same-sex couple. They will give advice to not only gays but all other LGBTs."

While the law firm in Kita Ward of the city of Osaka deals with such common civil legal issues as divorce and inheritance, it puts emphasis on helping solve problems involving lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender clients as well as supporting those people's lives.

Lawyers Kazuyuki Minami, 42, and Masafumi Yoshida, 41, opened the office in the western Japan city in 2013 and have since provided consultations to a number of sexual minorities. In one case, a man was extorted for money after someone he met through an online dating site threatened to reveal he is gay.

Pointing out that LGBT people in trouble tend to refrain from filing complaints with police or going to law firms for assistance because they are reluctant to disclose their sexuality, Minami said such people come to the Nanmori office "because they know we are gay lawyers and don't draw a line between heterosexuals and homosexuals."

Minami and Yoshida met online when they were graduate students at Kyoto University. Minami joined a manufacturer later, but he left the job after one year.

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