Japan's Post-K Supercomputer Named Fugaku

Science Society Technology

Tokyo, May 23 (Jiji Press)--Government-linked research institute Riken said Thursday the next-generation version of its K supercomputer has been named Fugaku, another name of Mount Fuji, Japan's tallest mountain.

Riken is developing the supercomputer with over 100 times the current one's computing power, including an improvement achieved through software enhancements. The institute hopes to put it into operation in 2021.

The name suggests the new supercomputer's high performance and the wide range of fields in which it will be put to use, according to Riken.

The name was chosen also because Mount Fuji is recognizable the world over, the institute said.

Over 5,000 suggestions were submitted for the name, which was finalized by the board of Riken's executive directors.

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