Japan Farm Damage from Abnormal Weather Totals 560 B. Yen

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Tokyo, May 28 (Jiji Press)--The cost of damage to the agriculture, forestry and fishery industries from such abnormal weather as typhoons and continual rain stood at 567.9 billion yen in fiscal 2018, which ended in March, a Japanese government white paper said Tuesday.

The total also included damage caused by a powerful earthquake in Hokkaido, northernmost Japan.

The figure is the second highest in the past 10 years, after 2,705.5 billion yen logged in 2011, when the March 11 earthquake and tsunami occurred.

The sum for fiscal 2018 included 112.2 billion yen in damage to agricultural crops, 213.8 billion yen in damage to farmland and agricultural facilities, and 227.5 billion yen in damage to the forestry sector, such as landslides.

While damage to farm products from cold weather has declined in recent years due to global warming, damage from typhoons and heavy rain has increased, according to the white paper.

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