Season's First Saury Arrives at Toyosu Market


Tokyo, May 30 (Jiji Press)--This year's first saury, caught in high seas far from Japan, arrived at the Toyosu wholesale food market in Tokyo on Thursday morning.

The arrival of the first saury in the Japanese capital was over a month earlier than in past years as the launch of saury fishing was moved up, beginning this year, following poor catches in recent years.

Last year, the first batch of the fish, a delicacy for Japanese in summer and autumn, arrived in Tokyo in early July, at the Tsukiji wholesale market, which was closed last October, due to its aging facilities, and was succeeded by the Toyosu market later that month.

Put on sale at Toyosu on Thursday were 290 kilograms of saury unloaded at Nemuro Port in the northernmost Japan prefecture of Hokkaido on Tuesday. The volume was almost the same as that of the first saury for last year.

Because of the small size of the just-arrived fish, however, wholesale prices for the saury were set at 40-220 yen per fish, less than one-third of the levels for last year's first saury and very low for the first catch of season.

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