Tsunami-Hit Fishing Boat Found 8 Years after Disaster


Kochi, June 3 (Jiji Press)--A fishing boat swept up from the northeastern Japan coastal city of Ishinomaki by tsunami caused by the March 2011 earthquake was discovered recently off the southwestern prefecture of Kochi, some 900 kilometers from its home port, according to maritime safety authorities.

A coast guard vessel of the Kochi prefectural police department found the capsized boat adrift some 2.3 kilometers off the Yokonami Peninsula in Susaki in Kochi, according to the Kochi Coast Guard Office.

The Japan Coast Guard recovered the ship and its registration number showed that the 6.5-meter boat was the Nissin Maru, owned by a fisherman in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture.

The JCG is now discussing with the owner about whether to dispose of the ship.

"The massive shellfish clinging to the ship told us that it was drifting for a long time," a JCG official said. "The currents in the Pacific Ocean may have brought the ship to Kochi."

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