FOCUS: "Pro Bono" Slowly Gaining Momentum in Japan


Tokyo, June 4 (Jiji Press)--"Pro bono" is slowly gaining popularity in Japan, mainly among young people, as a way of using their professional skills and experience to contribute to society while working full time.

Pro bono, short for pro bono publico, a Latin term meaning "for the public good," relates to professional services offered for free or at a reduced fee.

Originating in the United States, pro bono started in Japan around 2004. It is gradually spreading as it allows working people to gain experiences hard to obtain from main jobs.

Also behind the growing interest are changes in people's attitudes toward work, triggered by the weakening of lifetime employment systems and the lifting of a ban on having side jobs at many companies.

Companies are beginning to encourage their employees to engage in pro bono activities as part of their human resource development efforts.

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