Shogi Master Habu Scores Record Number of Victories

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Tokyo, June 4 (Jiji Press)--Yoshiharu Habu, a 48-year-old Japanese professional shogi player, on Tuesday marked his 1,434th victory, breaking an all-time high set by the late Yasuharu Oyama 27 years ago.

Ninth-dan Habu defeated Eio title holder Takuya Nagase, 26, in a league match held in Tokyo to choose the challenger to Oi title holder Masayuki Toyoshima, 29. With the victory, Habu advanced to the final match of the league.

He achieved the feat after tying Oyama's record of 1,433 professional career victories on May 23.

A native of Saitama Prefecture, north of Tokyo, Habu debuted as the third professional junior high school shogi player in 1985. After gaining his first title, Ryuo, in 1989, Habu in 1996 became the first-ever player to dominate all seven titles at the time--Ryuo, Meijin, Oi, Oza, Kio, Osho and Kisei.

In 2017, Habu qualified for the "eisei" lifetime holder of the seven titles, an achievement that had never been made before.

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