Abe's Long Tenure Faces Challenge of Producing Milestone Achievement


Tokyo, June 6 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe extended his tenure to a total of 2,720 days on Thursday, including those chalked up during his short-lived first term more than 10 years ago, tying with the country's first prime minister, Hirobumi Ito, as the third longest-serving government leader.

As Abe now sees the honor of becoming the longest-serving prime minister within his reach, whether he can produce a milestone achievement during his ongoing long tenure is being closely watched.

"I'll fulfill my duties by steadily implementing each of the policies that I have promised to the people," Abe told reporters on Thursday.

In August, Abe would outpace Eisaku Sato, who served as prime minister for 2,798 days between November 1964 and July 1972.

In November, the incumbent would overtake the current record holder, Taro Katsura, who was in office for a total of 2,886 days--between June 1901 and January 1906, between July 1908 and August 1911, and between December 1912 and February 1913.

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