Japan's Total Fertility Rate Falls for 3rd Straight Year

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Tokyo, June 7 (Jiji Press)--Japan's total fertility rate, or the average number of births expected for a women in her lifetime, fell 0.01 point from the previous year to 1.42 in 2018, down for the third straight year, the health ministry said Friday.

By age group, the total fertility rate was highest among women in their early 30s, followed by those in their late 20s. The rate for women of 40 or older showed a year-on-year increase.

By prefecture, Okinawa had the highest fertility rate, at 1.89, followed by Shimane, with 1.74, and Miyazaki, with 1.72.

Tokyo recorded the lowest figure, at 1.20, and Hokkaido and Kyoto logged the second and third lowest numbers, with 1.27 and 1.29, respectively.

Meanwhile, the number of children who were born in 2018 dropped 27,668 to 918,397, hitting a new record low, while the number of people who died in the year rose 22,085 to 1,362,482, the ministry also said.

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