Japan Finds Series of Cannabis Sweets Smuggling Cases

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Tokyo, June 11 (Jiji Press)--Sweets containing a harmful cannabis ingredient that can cause hallucinations and memory impairment have been smuggled into Japan.

While cannabis-laced food is sold legally in places such as Canada and the U.S. state of Colorado for medical and recreational purposes, the possession and sales of such food is banned in Japan under the cannabis control law.

In November 2016, the police department of Kanagawa Prefecture, south of Tokyo, arrested an American for importing cannabis-laced candy from the United States. Around January last year, Yokohama Customs in the same prefecture found smuggled cookies that included the cannabis ingredient.

A Tokyo Customs official noted that cannabis-infused sweets are flowing into Japan partly because they are easily available abroad, urging people to be aware that cannabis is illegal even if it is in sweets.

In March this year, seven people in their 50s to 80s who took part in a ballroom dance event in Tokyo's Arakawa Ward were rushed to hospital due to breathing difficulties or limb numbness after eating chocolate.

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