Fujifilm to Resume Sales of Black-and-White Films in Autumn


Tokyo, June 10 (Jiji Press)--Fujifilm Corp. said Monday it will resume back-and-while film sales this autumn by launching a new product.

The company will meet demand from young people as well as photo enthusiasts who want to take monochrome photos to post on social networking sites, it said.

The company ended some 80 years of shipments of black-and-white film rolls in October last year citing the widespread use of digital cameras and difficulties in procuring some row materials.

But demand for the films has been gradually growing in line with the number of people, particularly younger generations, who favor the "retro" and "soft" feel created by monochrome images.

Since the sales termination, moves to reevaluate the films have spread, with some online posts elaborating how to use out-of-date films to produce unique, attractive pictures.

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