Men Twice as Likely as Women to Seek Mental Help: Japan Assn

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Tokyo, June 12 (Jiji Press)--The Japan Industrial Counsellors Association, or JAICO, said Wednesday that it received 718 applications for counselling on mental distress and illnesses from men in fiscal 2018, more than double the figure from women.

Within the "mental distress and illnesses" category, cases of men seeking consultations about depression were largest in number at 334 cases, followed by consultations on mental illness at 248 cases. The category accounted for 15.3 pct of all cases for men, according to the group.

The number of cases of women seeking help on mental health problems stood at 355, or 6.3 pct of all female cases.

Men in their 40s had the biggest presence among all male cases by generation. "Many are troubled because people in their generation tend to be in middle-level management positions," which force them to juggle demands from their bosses and subordinates, according to JAICO.

Many men in the generation are also busy with family matters and likely to deprioritize caring for their mental health, unwittingly allowing their symptoms to develop.

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