Never to Use Controversial FSA Report for Policy Management: Aso

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Tokyo, June 14 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Finance Minister Taro Aso said Friday he will never use the controversial Financial Services Agency report as a reference material for policy steering.

Aso refused to accept the report suggesting that an average married couple needs 20 million yen in own funds in addition to national pension benefits to cover living expenses for 30 years after retirement.

At a House of Representatives Financial Affairs Committee meeting, Aso stressed that he "had not heard" of the 20-million-yen shortage estimate from FSA officials beforehand.

The meeting was held amid the opposition camp stepping up criticism against the government pension policy, saying the report admitted the collapse of the national pension scheme.

Grilling Aso, also deputy prime minister, for his refusal to accept the report, Hiroshi Ogushi, a member of the Lower House committee from the major opposition Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan, said that ministers are not entitled to turn down reports submitted by advisory bodies.

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