Half of Japanese Unsatisfied with 5-Day Mandatory Paid Leave


Tokyo, June 17 (Jiji Press)--Nearly half of Japanese respondents think that the mandatory paid leave of at least five days a year that was introduced in April under the work style reform law is not enough, according to a Jiji Press opinion survey.

The survey showed that 48.6 pct of respondents said the number of paid holidays is not enough, while 35.6 pct said the number is enough. A total of 15.8 pct said they are not sure.

Under the law enacted in June last year, companies are required to have their employees who are given 10 days or more paid holidays a year take paid leave of at least five days annually.

With multiple answers allowed, 50.1 pct of respondents who think the mandatory five-day paid leave is enough said they are satisfied with the number of holidays currently available to them.

A total of 44.1 pct said they are concerned about possible problems in their work stemming from a longer paid leave, 19.2 pct are worried about trouble that may be caused to their colleagues and 7.2 pct said they have nothing to do during holidays.

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