Team Identifies Birds in 3 Nazca Drawings

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Sapporo, June 22 (Jiji Press)--A team including researchers from the Hokkaido University Museum has identified two of the birds in 16 geoglyphs in the Nazca Lines in southern Peru, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, as pelicans and one as a hook-billed hermit, a type of hummingbird.

With neither pelicans nor hook-billed hermits inhabiting areas around the Nazca Lines, the research team hopes that the outcome of its study will help find answers to the mysteries about the famous group of geoglyphs, including why they were created.

The team conducted a detailed ornithological research on the 16 bird drawings, specifically analyzing their shapes and comparing their characteristics.

The two geoglyphs of pelicans were identified from their crests and the shapes of their beaks and chests.

The other one has already been believed to be of a hummingbird. The team confirmed the bird in the work as a hook-billed hermit from its tail part, and its thin and long beak.

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