Japan Institue Unveils Grilled Meat of Fully Cultured Eels

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Tokyo, June 24 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese government-linked institute has unveiled "kabayaki" grilled meat from eels artificially raised from fertilized eggs.

The Japan Fisheries Research and Education Agency showed the grilled eel to the media Friday, ahead of the midsummer Day of the Ox in July, when demand for kabayaki eel dishes spikes.

Full-cycle culture of eels from eggs is raising expectations as natural stocks of the fish have slumped. But it is difficult to raise eels from fertilized eggs, because much remains unknown about the biology of eels.

Recently, the agency succeeded in raising glass eels from fertilized eggs that had been taken from adult eels. The glass eels were sent to eel farms in Kagoshima Prefecture and elsewhere and grown into adults.

The fully cultured eels taste as good as ordinary eels that are cultured from glass eels, an agency official said.

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