Japanese Actor Tadao Takashima Dies at 88

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Tokyo, June 28 (Jiji Press)--Japanese actor Tadao Takashima, known for his roles in a number of films, television dramas and musicals, as well as for emceeing TV shows, died at his home in Tokyo on Wednesday. He was 88.

After quitting university, Takashima, a native of the western Japan city of Kobe, entered a movie distributor called Shintoho and made his debut in the 1952 film "Koi no Oendancho."

On the back of his good looks and gentle character, he also appeared in numerous comedy movies targeting young adults.

Takashima also acted in jazz movies, taking advantage of his experience of touring U.S. military camps in Japan as a singer since when he was a high school student.

After the movie distributor went bust in 1961, Takashima moved into musicals and TV dramas.

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