Japan Tops Global Country Brand Ranking


London, June 29 (Jiji Press)--Japan topped a 2019 list of countries and regions measured by their brand values, according to a survey by British brand consultancy FutureBrand.

Japan earned high reputations in such benchmarks as the reliability of products made in the country and services offered there, as well as its healthy meals, natural beauty and unique culture, according to the latest edition of the FutureBrand Country Index, released Tuesday.

"Countries have traditionally been measured and ranked by measures of might--GDP (gross domestic product), population size, even a sovereign's nuclear arsenal," the consultancy said.

"However, in the current day when our world is defined by rapid change, do these measures continue to make sense in the ranking of nations?"

Regarding Japan, FutureBrand said that "Japan's more popular consumer brands seem to be capitalizing on the country's unique heritage and culture, rather than its history of technology innovation."

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