S. Korean Group to Stop Selling Japanese Products

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Seoul, July 5 (Jiji Press)--An association of self-employed businesses in South Korea said Friday that it will launch a campaign to stop selling Japanese products, in protest to Japan's stricter controls on semiconductor materials exports to South Korea.

The association will continue the campaign until Japan withdraws or announces a plan to withdraw the measure, one of its members said. The export controls were introduced on Thursday.

Releasing a statement to announce the campaign in front of the Japanese embassy in Seoul, the group claimed that the Japanese measure represents retaliatory action against South Korea over issues related to so-called comfort women and wartime labor that resulted from Japan's wartime aggression.

Japan is orchestrating retaliation by trade, instead of reflecting on its past behavior, the statement said.

The term comfort women refers to those, mainly Koreans, who were allegedly forced into prostitution for Japanese troops before and during World War II. A South Korean foundation supporting former Korean comfort women, which was set up based on a landmark Japan-South Korea accord in 2015 to fully and irreversibly resolve the issue, has been dissolved despite strong opposition from the Japanese government.

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