Japan Panel Proposes One-Stop Consultations for Older Recluses

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Tokyo, July 16 (Jiji Press)--A Japanese welfare ministry panel in a draft interim report compiled on Tuesday stressed the need for local administrative authorities to offer one-stop consultation services for middle-aged "hikikomori" social recluses and their aged parents.

In the draft, the panel called on local governments to set up integrated consultation offices to help people overcome complicated issues that cannot be solved by existing support systems.

The report included a plan to provide local governments with further support measures, such as a new subsidy program.

The panel plans to draw up its final report late this year, and the ministry aims to submit relevant legislation to the next year's ordinary session of the Diet, the country's parliament.

In the draft interim report, the panel said that a study needs to be made on the idea of creating a new framework through the overhaul of the current segmented systems for social welfare services for elderly people and employment assistance.

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