Japan, Others Agree on Saury Catch Cap in Northern Pacific


Tokyo, July 18 (Jiji Press)--Japan and seven other Pacific economies on Thursday agreed to introduce an annual cap of about 550,000 tons on saury catches in the northern Pacific, starting in 2020.

The agreement was one step forward in Japanese efforts to prevent overfishing of saury following years of poor catches by the country for which the fish is a popular autumn dish.

The eight economies reached the agreement at an annual meeting of the North Pacific Fisheries Commission that started in Tokyo Tuesday. Their respective catch quotas in the high seas will be discussed next year.

China, which has been increasing saury catches rapidly in recent years, initially opposed a Japanese proposal to impose a cap but eventually changed course, people familiar with discussions said.

The NPFC also includes Taiwan, South Korea, Russia, Vanuatu, the United States and Canada.

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