Journal Exchanges for Marriage Hunting Shoot Cupid's Arrows in Japan City


Nagano, July 26 (Jiji Press)--A "kokan nikki" journal exchange program initiated by the city of Chino, Nagano Prefecture, central Japan, as part of its measures to help participants find marriage partners has made a hit.

In the golden age of the Internet, people have gone head over heels for the project's analogue, old-fashioned method of having participants handwrite diaries that are then sent to recipients whom they have never met, local officials say.

The city government launched the program last year for people living both in and outside of Chino, and five couples had become romantically involved by June this year as a result.

The city is seeking other municipalities that are willing to work together on the initiative, hoping to turn it into a nationwide project.

Under the project, dubbed "Yui Nikki" (Bond Diary), single individuals aged 20 and over apply to participate, and the city government creates pairs, each consisting of a Chino resident and a person from outside the city, based on their ages, hobbies, things of interest and other factors.

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