CDPJ Chief Edano under Fire within Party for Election Results


Tokyo, July 26 (Jiji Press)--Constitutional Democratic Party of Japan leader Yukio Edano is facing pressure from colleagues in the party to take responsibility for its weaker-than-anticipated performance in the House of Councillors election last Sunday.

In the triennial Upper House poll, in which 124 seats, or about half of all seats on the chamber, were up for grabs, the main opposition party won 17 seats. Nine of its pre-election seats were contested.

"Thanks to great efforts by everyone, we nearly doubled our seats," Edano emphasized at a meeting of party executives on Thursday. "We have to work even harder so that voters choose a change of government in the next election for the House of Representatives," the all-important lower chamber.

Some media reports had suggested that the CDPJ could gain 20 or more seats. It failed to win a seat in the Kyoto and Osaka prefectural constituencies in western Japan, falling behind the Japanese Communist Party, a smaller opposition party.

Under the proportional representation system, the CDPJ secured eight seats, but the other 14 people on its candidate list were unsuccessful, including a former member of all-girl pop group "Morning Musume."

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