Japanese Startup's Rocket Fails to Reach Space

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Taiki, Hokkaido, July 27 (Jiji Press)--Japanese startup Interstellar Technologies Inc. launched a small observation rocket on Saturday, but the rocket failed to reach outer space due to an irregularity detected by the onboard computer.

The Hokkaido-based company launched the Momo-4 rocket from a site in the town of Taiki in the northernmost prefecture. The rocket reached an altitude of about 13 kilometers before an abnormality was detected by the rocket's computer, prompting the engines to be shut down in about 64 seconds after the liftoff.

Rockets that reach an altitude of at least 100 kilometers are usually recognized as being in outer space.

Interstellar Technologies explained that a trouble occurred in data communication between the direction center on the ground and the rocket.

Takahiro Inagawa, president of the startup, told a press conference, "We want to solve the technological problems with utmost efforts and quickly move on to our next task" of launching the Momo-5.

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