Average Life Expectancy of Japanese Hits Yet Another High

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Tokyo, July 30 (Jiji Press)--The average life expectancy of Japanese men and women in 2018 registered record highs at 81.25 years and 87.32 years, respectively, the health ministry said Tuesday.

The number for men grew 0.16 year from 2017 to post a record for the seventh straight year, and that for women inched up 0.05 year, renewing its record for the sixth consecutive year.

The results put Japanese men at third by nation and region, following Hong Kong, which topped the list, and Switzerland. Japanese women came second only to Hong Kong. Both Japanese men and women maintained the same positions as 2017.

A ministry official said the life expectancy may have been pushed up by a decline in the death rates in cancer and some other diseases due to growing awareness of health and improved medical technology.

The average life expectancy means the average number of years a baby born in a given year can expect to live, on the assumption that the death rate for each age will stay unchanged. The average years of remaining life for newborns has been rising almost uninterruptedly since the statistics were first compiled in 1947, when the number stood at 50.06 for men and 53.96 for women.

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