50,000 Origami Cranes Offered in Tribute to KyoAni Victims


Kyoto, Aug. 8 (Jiji Press)--More than 50,000 origami paper cranes made by anime fans and others were offered Thursday in tribute to the 35 victims of an arson attack at a Kyoto Animation Co. studio three weeks ago.

The cranes, placed on a stand near the arson scene in the western Japan city of Kyoto, are also intended to convey their makers' wishes for Kyoto Animation's recovery from the tragedy and thanks to the famed anime production house for giving hope through its works.

The origami initiative was led by a local nonprofit group in the Kyoto Prefecture city of Uji, where Kyoto Animation is based. Uji is also the place where "Sound! Euphonium," one of its popular titles, is set.

"KyoAni is our hope, portraying our town beautifully to allow us to rediscover its attractiveness," Masayo Hino, 52, the group's leader, said, calling the company by its nickname.

"We hope the origami cranes will make it widely known that many people want to do something for KyoAni," Hino said.

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