Huge Typhoon Krosa Seen Hitting Western Japan during "Bon" Holiday


Tokyo, Aug. 13 (Jiji Press)--Huge Typhoon Krosa was heading slowly toward western Japan on Tuesday afternoon and is expected to make landfall in the Shikoku or Kyushu region on Thursday, during the country's "bon" holiday period.

At 9 p.m. (noon GMT), the typhoon, the 10th of the year, was traveling west-northwest at a speed of 15 kilometers per hour about 420 kilometers southeast of Tanegashima island in Kagoshima Prefecture, part of Kyushu, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

It had a central atmospheric pressure of 965 hectopascals, with a maximum sustained wind speed of 30 meters per second and a maximum instantaneous wind speed of 40 meters. It was causing winds of 25 meters per second or over within a radius of 280 kilometers and 15 meters or over within 1,100 kilometers on the southern side and within 600 kilometers on the northern side.

Among recent cases of such a large typhoon making landfall in Japan was the 21st typhoon of 2017, which swept through the Kanto eastern region, including Tokyo, in October that year, leaving a total of eight people dead in six prefectures.

Typhoon Krosa, given its slow speed, is expected to cause storms and tidal waves for a prolonged period, mainly in western Japan areas, the meteorological agency warned.

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