Heatstroke Death Toll Exceeds 100 in Tokyo's 23 Wards

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Tokyo, Aug. 19 (Jiji Press)--The heatstroke death toll has reached 101 in Tokyo's 23 wards since July, topping 100 for the second straight year, officials at the metropolitan government's office of medical examiners said Monday.

For 2018, the death toll stood at 164 in the heavily populated districts in the Japanese capital, according to the office.

Of the 101 people in their 40s to 90s who died from heatstroke between July 1 and Sunday, 91 were aged 65 or older.

Those in their 70s accounted for 42, largest by age group.

The office is calling for citizens to use air conditioners appropriately and drink water and take salt sufficiently.

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