Japan's Prince Hisahito Rides Mule to Grazing Camp in Bhutan


Thimphu, Bhutan, Aug. 21 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Prince Hisahito and his parents, Crown Prince Akishino and Crown Princess Kiko, rode mules to a grazing camp at an altitude of 3,500 meters in Bhutan on Sunday, a source accompanying them said Tuesday.

According to Kazunobu Ikeya, a professor at the National Museum of Ethnology, the prince and his parents first left the city of Paro, western Bhutan, and visited a village at an altitude of 2,800 to 2,900 meters.

From the village, the three traveled for about two hours to the camp on mules provided by the Bhutanese Royal Family. They stayed at the camp for roughly half an hour, after which they returned on foot.

Prince Hisahito had wished to ride a mule, Ikeya said.

On Tuesday, the prince and his parents met with Jigme Singye Wangchuck, the previous monarch of Bhutan. Prince Hisahito wore a gho, the traditional wear of the Himalayan country, gifted to him by Bhutan's Royal Family.

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