Project to Store Sake at Dams Launched in Nagano Pref.

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Nagano, Sept. 11 (Jiji Press)--A project to store sake at dams managed by the Nagano prefectural government has been launched, in hopes to revitalize the region by promoting the move among dam enthusiasts.

The town government of Sakuho in the central Japan prefecture came up with the idea and materialized it in spring this year, with the help of the prefectural government and local brewing companies.

On Monday, the breweries started selling some of the sake as "hiyaoroshi," sake that signals the arrival of autumn.

The Sakuho and Nagano governments, as well as the sake breweries, focused on the right conditions at the dams for aging sake, as temperatures within the tunnels at such facilities are kept low.

According to the operator of the dams, a group made up of the seven local breweries has stored sake in Yoji and Koya dams, which are both mainly for flood control.

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