Paddies Chosen for Rice Offerings at Emperor's "Daijosai" Rite


Tokyo, Sept. 18 (Jiji Press)--The Imperial Household Agency unveiled on Wednesday the rice paddies from which rice will be harvested for use at the "Daijosai" thanksgiving ceremony, to be performed by Japanese Emperor Naruhito in November.

A rice field owned by Takeo Ishitsuka, 55, in the town of Takanezawa, Tochigi Prefecture, was selected to grow rice on behalf of eastern Japan, or Yuki Province, while a rice field owned by a producers' cooperative led by Hisao Nakagawa, 75, in Nantan, Kyoto Prefecture, was chosen as the source of rice for western Japan, or Suki Province.

The rice paddies take up 1,227 square meters and 2,695 square meters, respectively. The Tochigi rice field grows "Tochigi no Hoshi"-brand rice, while the Kyoto paddy grows the "Kinuhikari" brand.

The two paddies will each supply about 180 kilograms of polished rice and about 7.5 kilograms of brown rice for the Daijosai ceremony, slated to be held at the East Gardens of the Imperial Palace on Nov. 14-15.

The new rice grown on the selected rice paddies will be used for offerings at the ceremony in prayer for good harvest and peace in the country. The Emperor will also eat the rice.

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