Farm Ministry Unveils Plan to Allow Swine Fever Vaccinations


Tokyo, Sept. 27 (Jiji Press)--Japan's agriculture ministry revealed on Friday a plan to revise its guidelines on epidemic prevention to allow previously unauthorized preventive vaccinations at pig farms to stem the spread of swine fever.

The vaccinations will be conducted in areas with high infection risks, especially in prefectures such as Gifu that have seen confirmed cases of swine fever.

Vaccinated pigs and their fertilized eggs will be contained within designated areas, but the distribution of their meat and processed products will be allowed outside such regions. The move is expected to hamper Japan's pork exports, as it may cause the country to be stripped of its swine fever-free status under the rules of the World Organization for Animal Health, or OIE.

The proposed revision designates areas with high risks of wild boars transmitting the disease to farm pigs as regions with vaccination recommendations, and the governors of the designated prefectures will be given the choice to conduct vaccinations.

A total of nine prefectures are expected to be named as regions with vaccination recommendations, comprising six prefectures with confirmed cases of swine fever at pig farms and three in which wild boars have been found carrying the disease.

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