Fukui Officials Also Given Gifts from Ex-Deputy Mayor


Fukui, Oct. 3 (Jiji Press)--A late municipal official who was found to have distributed massive amounts of money and goods to Kansai Electric Power Co. <9503> executives also gave gifts to senior officials of the prefectural government of Fukui, central Japan, over a long period, it was learned Thursday.

Among people who received gift certificates and other items from Eiji Moriyama, former deputy mayor of the town of Takahama in Fukui, were those who served as head of the prefectural government's welfare policy bureau and as chief of the local promotion division covering municipalities in the southern part of Fukui, including Takahama, informed sources said.

They received the gifts when they visited Moriyama's house in the western city of Kyoto, for such reasons as reporting their appointments to new posts, the sources said. There was a case in which gift certificates worth 100,000 yen were handed over.

Moriyama, who served as a member of a Fukui government council between fiscal 2009 and fiscal 2017, had major influence over policies of the prefecture, according to the sources. He also served as a visiting researcher advising the prefecture on policy matters for a long time. Moriyama, who was Takahama deputy mayor between 1977 and 1987, died in March this year.

It had become customary for prefectural officials to visit Moriyama during the "bon" holiday period in mid-August and at year-end. Officials who received goods from Moriyama gave him over several occasions return gifts of roughly the same value as what was given to them, the sources said.

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