Sapporo to Extend Beer Best-Before Period to 12 Months


Tokyo, Oct. 8 (Jiji Press)--Sapporo Breweries Ltd. said Tuesday that it will extend the best-before period for its beer and quasi-beer products from the current nine months to 12 months.

The new best-before period, intended to help reduce food waste, will be applied in stages to products to be made in and after March 2020.

Sapporo Breweries will also change ways to display when products were made. While the year and month, as well as whether they were made in the early, middle or later part of the month, are shown at present, only the year and month will be displayed under the new format.

The changes will cover 21 brands of beer, "happoshu" low-malt quasi-beer and so-called third-segment beer-like beverages, including the Black Label draft beer, a mainstay product for the company.

The best-before period for the company's nonalcoholic beer products has already been set at 12 months.

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