Abe Resolved to Support Households after Tax Hike

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Tokyo, Oct. 8 (Jiji Press)--Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe stressed his resolve on Tuesday to support households after the consumption tax rate was raised from 8 pct to 10 pct at the beginning of this month.

At a plenary meeting of the House of Representatives, the lower chamber of the Diet, the country's parliament, Abe noted that the tax rate has been kept at 8 pct for certain items and benefits will be provided to low-income pensioners. "By implementing these steps smoothly, we'll firmly support households and ensure a virtuous economic cycle," Abe said, while noting that he has no specific plan to compile a supplementary budget at the moment.

"I think there will be no need to raise the consumption tax rate further in the next 10 years or so," he also said.

Abe said, "We want South Korea, which continues to take actions that damage the relationship of trust, to create an opportunity to improve the soured ties first by keeping its promises." Relations between the two East Asian nations have been deteriorating due to wartime labor and other issues.

Asked about regulations on television commercials in a potential national referendum on constitutional revisions, sought by opposition forces, Abe, also head of the ruling Liberal Democratic Party, stopped short of going into details, saying only that parliamentary debates should take place on the topic.

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