Riverbanks Unable to Withstand Record-Breaking Rain in Japan

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Tokyo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)--Record-breaking rainfall brought by Typhoon Hagibis burst levees for rivers in central and eastern Japan, suggesting a new era of flood damage amid global warming, according to researchers.

After the 19th typhoon of the year flooded wide areas on Saturday and Sunday, the researchers warn that flooding could occur at any location.

According to the land ministry, the places where the levee for the Chikuma River in the central city of Nagano broke had been known to be at risk from a rise in water levels.

Engineering work has been planned to dredge riverbeds in order to lower water levels. But a ministry official said, "Even after such maintenance work, we can't say we are absolutely all right, as the possibility of rainfall heavy enough to cause levee breaches can't be ruled out."

Levees collapsed for the Toki River and the Oppe River in the eastern prefecture of Saitama at spots where tributaries join the main waterways.

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