Experts Warn of Higher Infection Risks after Typhoon

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Tokyo, Oct. 16 (Jiji Press)--Experts are warning of higher risks of infection among evacuees forced into shelters by powerful Typhoon Hagibis, which struck Japan last weekend.

"It's getting cold after the typhoon and living in a shelter weakens immunity," Tokyo Healthcare University Prof. Midori Matsuzuki said, warning that the risk of catching the cold, influenza and infectious gastroenteritis will rise among the evacuees.

The Japanese Association for Infectious Diseases recommends washing hands before meals and after visiting the toilet to prevent infection. It is desirable to wear a mask during a cold or cover the mouth when coughing instead, according to the association.

"It's important to keep the body warm. Covering up with aluminum foil, plastic wrap or newspaper will do if you don't have blankets or cold-weather clothing," Matsuzuki says.

In addition, evacuees in cramped shelters need to take care not to develop so-called economy class syndrome, caused by blood clots formed in leg veins as a result of limited movement.

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