10 Still Missing as Typhoon Hagibis Relief Efforts Continue

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Tokyo, Oct. 17 (Jiji Press)--Search efforts for 10 missing victims of powerful Typhoon Hagibis continued on Thursday in six prefectures including Miyagi and Fukushima, both in northeastern Japan.

A total of 77 people in Tokyo and 11 prefectures have been killed by the typhoon, which caused record-breaking rains and triggered landslides and floods in many parts of the country. The figure excludes one victim who fell from a helicopter during a rescue operation in Fukushima and another whom authorities decided to not designate as having been directly killed by the natural disaster.

According to the land ministry, levee breaches have been confirmed at a total of 111 locations in seven prefectures including Miyagi, Fukushima, and central Japan's Nagano. More than 240 landslides have been found in Tokyo and 19 prefectures. In addition, expressways and national routes have been closed at many locations, impeding recovery efforts.

Some 4,250 people are currently living in 164 evacuation facilities set up in Tokyo and 12 prefectures. Fukushima has the largest number of evacuees, totaling about 1,710, followed by Nagano, with approximately 940, and Miyagi, with about 750.

The Japan Meteorological Agency is calling for attention in the Pacific side of the Tohoku northeastern region including Miyagi and Fukushima, as strong rains may hit the areas on Saturday.

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