High Schoolers Help Relief Efforts after Typhoon Hagibis

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Motomiya, Fukushima Pref., Oct. 17 (Jiji Press)--Students of a high school in Motomiya, Fukushima Prefecture, northeastern Japan, have volunteered to clean up homes in the city damaged by flooding from the Abukuma River after powerful Typhoon Hagibis tore through the region last weekend.

At houses in the Tatemachi district of the city, some 80 students of prefecture-run Motomiya High School helped residents with work such as carrying out furniture and tatami mats soiled by the flood.

"It's a matter of course that we lend a hand if people nearby are in need of help," second-grader Keisuke Abe, 17, said. He removed the mud that had flowed into the home of Noriko Watanabe, 60, the first floor of which had become completely inundated. The student said floodwaters had crept up to the garden in his own home, which is located in the same district.

Watanabe requested the volunteer service since her son, who also lives in the house, has been out of the prefecture for work. "The flooding was a shock, but I was relieved that young people quickly came to help," she said.

Although the high school evaded damage from the typhoon, classes were canceled on Tuesday and Wednesday due to railway service suspensions that prevented some students from getting to school. Students were called on to volunteer instead, and the some 80 students and teachers helped with recovery efforts at 21 houses during the two days.

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