Typhoon Floods Sweep Away Apple-Cropping Opportuny in Nagano

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Nagano, Oct. 17 (Jiji Press)--A farmer in the city of Nagano dropped his shoulders looking at flooded apple trees in his orchard, saying, "The typhoon wiped out this season's cropping opportunity."

Super Typhoon Hagibis breached a levee in the Chikuma River, severely flooding the Hoyasu district of the central Japan city.

Kiyoshi Kimura, 81, saw floodwaters inundate most of the 232 apple trees in his one-hectare orchard. Only apples at the top of trees, or those in the few trees that were not flooded, can be shipped. That is about one-tenth of the total.

"I was waiting for the upcoming harvest season," said Kimura, a fourth-generation apple farmer. He had been taking great care to make a success of the harvest of his mainstay "Fuji" brand apple in mid-November by pruning unnecessary branches in winter and spraying pesticides in spring.

Floodwaters submerged the first floor of Kimura's house. He has been preoccupied with carrying furniture out of his home and cleaning everything that became muddy since the typhoon and, therefore, has no time to think about the future. Still, Kimura says he wants to keep the orchard and pass it to the next generation.

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