Gorgeous Banquet Follows Enthronement Proclamation


Tokyo, Oct. 22 (Jiji Press)--A gorgeous court banquet was held at the Imperial Palace on Tuesday night after Emperor Naruhito's "Sokuirei-Seiden-no-Gi" enthronement proclamation ceremony in the early afternoon.

Emperor Naruhito, Empress Masako and other Imperial Family members dined with about 400 Japanese and foreign guests, including Britain's Prince Charles, who gathered to celebrate the Emperor's accession to the throne May 1.

For the "Kyoen-no-Gi" court banquet, Emperor Naruhito in a tailcoat wore decorations including the Collar of the Supreme Order of the Chrysanthemum. The Empress was in a white long dress and wore a tiara.

At the "Take-no-Ma" audience room, the couple greeted arriving guests such as foreign heads of state and the leaders of Japan's administrative, legislative and judicial branches including Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Guests were given an opportunity to inspect the "Takamikura" throne of the Emperor and the "Michodai" throne of the Empress in the "Matsu-no-Ma" state room, where the proclamation ceremony took place.

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